• Introducing Adzee

    Nonprofit Advertising for Nonprofits

  • Google Grants Offers $10k in Free Monthly Advertising

    Your nonprofit likely qualifies for $10,000 in free Google ads every single month

  • But Google Adwords isn't Easy

    And most nonprofit managers don't have the time to manage complex Google Adwords accounts

  • Let Us Help With Your Advertising

    So You Can Focus on Making a Difference

    Completely Free Account Management

    Volunteer-based, no strings attached

    Adzee is a 501(c)(3) organization. We use volunteers to help with everything from initial account setup to recurring campaign management

    Monthly Grant Optimization

    Maximize your grant to meet your goals

    Whether your goal is to drive signups or donations, we help optimize your account to maximize the return from your monthly grant

  • About Us

    We are digital marketers and designers who started Adzee to give back

    Tom Long

    San Francisco, CA

    Tom is a professional growth marketer who manages millions of dollars in ad spend for companies ranging from small software startups to large consumer ecommerce brands. He currently works for a private equity firm in Silicon Valley. Tom loves the outdoors and clean energy.





    Mike Hollman

    New York, NY

    Mike has been managing large digital advertising campaigns for the better part of a decade. He runs his own digital agency and is currently working to build Horizon Media's search marketing division. Mike started his career as a Major League baseball analyst. He still loves sports and never misses an Orioles game.




    Creighton Anderson

    San Francisco, CA

    Creighton is an interactive designer with a passion for typography and functional design. He's been designing digital products and campaigns for over 10 years and currently serves as Art Supervisor at DDB Health. When he's not in the office, Creighton can be found exploring art museums or playing his guitar.




  • Apply Now

    Your organization must hold valid charity status and be eligible for Google Grants

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